It’s strange, I started this blog a few weeks ago as almost a personal diary where I could let loose and anonymously share my thoughts and say things that would otherwise get me criticized by the people in my life.  I’d hoped that whatever I wrote, someone out there might relate to it and be encouraged – or at least not feel alone.  Now, I have 5 followers of my blog.  I know, it’s not an ‘impressive’ number, but it is incredibly meaningful to me that 5 random people have enjoyed what I’ve written enough to follow my blog.  So, to you five followers and the followers to come: thank you.  I will continue to share my thoughts and feelings as often as possible, and hope all my readers – new and old alike – can be encouraged, or at least get a good read.

Once again, thank you  for following my blog.  If you enjoy what you read, and feel it may encourage someone you know, feel free to share a post or two.

me 🙂